Friday, September 1, 2000

Calendar of Group Events

Please mark these events onto your handy wall calendar:

Note: All Group Program/Meetings will be on the second Monday night of each month at Firstar Bank Meeting Room, 435 JF Kennedy Rd., (Kennedy at Wacker, across street from the main east side entrance to Kennedy Mall off U.S. 20 on Dubuque's West end.) Phone Dick Worm for further details.

September 11, Monday
Program/Meeting: 7 PM, Firstar Bank, 435 Kennedy Rd., Dubuque. Join local participants of the July 16-21 South San Juan Wilderness Colorado backpack trip as they see Dick Worm's slide program and share photo albums and experiences regarding the trip.

September 15, Friday
Outing: 1:30 - 4 PM, Mines of Spain Nature/Bird hike led by Charlie Winterwood as part of the National Audubon Society's Conference on the Upper Mississippi River. Meet at the Iowa Welcome Center at the Mississippi River Museum, E. 3rd St., Dubuque.

Other field trip options are also available by registering for the Audubon conference.

Come and meet fellow Northeast Iowa Sierrans at these events: 

September 16, Saturday
Event options available:
1. Mines of Spain Fall Seminar. See enclosed registration brochure describing this "Day Field School" of events. Two morning and one afternoon session provide over 20 options for learning about and exploring Mines of Spain environs with professional interpreters.

2. Audubon Conference continues at Sinsinawa Mound Conference Center with concurrent sessions in the morning and afternoon featuring Audubon and Mississippi River issues and programs. A 7 PM concert by environmental troubadours, Bill Oliver and Glen Waldeck closes out the day.

3. Assist with a White Pine Group/Sierra Club exhibit on River Issues at the Sinsinawa Audubon Conference between 7:30 AM and closing after the concert.

October 7, Saturday
Iowa Chapter/Sierra Club Annual Dinner. See Iowa Sierran Autumn newsletter for details.

October 9, Monday
Program/Meeting: 7 PM, Firstar Bank, 435 Kennedy Rd., Dubuque. Experience early June along the South Shore of Lake Superior from Wisconsin's Apostle Islands to Michigan's Copper Harbor. In between see the waterfalls of the Black River and of the Presque Isle River Unit of Porcupine Mountain Wilderness State Park, Lake of the Clouds in the Porcupine Mountains, "Sam Hill" trail in Twin Lakes State Park, Copper Bay's Fort Wilkins and Estivant Pines Wilderness Nature Sanctuary, lake shore sunsets, beach at McClain State Park, Lake Gogebic, Agate and Bond Falls, and Rhinelander's Hodag. Dick Worm's slides and photo album will highlight all of these 36th wedding anniversary trip attractions.

October 14, Saturday
Outing: Hike the Jackson County Recreation Trail along the Maquoketa River for some birding and peaceful admiration of nature. Leaves may be in Autumn coloration. Meet at 10 AM at the Banworth Udelhoven Furniture Store parking lot at the corner of US 52 and 61/151 on the south edge of Dubuque or phone Charlie Winterwood for trailhead location.

October 29, Sunday
Outing: Hike at Pine Valley near Canton. Meet at Eagle Country Market parking lot, north end near Burger King, 300 South Locust (just south of the U.S. 20 Julien Dubuque Mississippi River Bridge) at 12:00 noon. For hike location details, phone Charlie Winterwood.

November 4, Saturday
Turkey Dinner Fundraiser. (see separate insert for event description and registration brochure.) At First Congregational Church, 10th and Locust, downtown Dubuque. Social begins at 5:30 PM. Dinner at 6:15.

Program at 7:30:
"End Commercial Logging on Public Lands" by Shelia Bosworth, member of the Sierra Club's national committee involved with this Club Priority campaign. Shelia, from Princeton, Iowa, helped support Club endorsement of Rep. Jim Leach, a sponsor of legislation to end such logging. Shelia also serves as chairman of the Sierra Club's Mississippi River Basin Ecoregion Task Force.

November 7, Tuesday
Gore Lieberman

November 13, Monday
Program/Meeting: 7 PM, Firstar Bank, 435 Kennedy Rd., Dubuque. "Scenes of the Pacific Northwest" by Jim Fahrion features slides taken this past summer. This is an area facing the dilemma of the future of logging in the U.S.

November 18, Saturday
Outing: Hiking at Camp Klaus Boy Scout Camp near Colesburg. A roster of participants must be turned in before our arrival! So please contact Charlie Winterwood before or at the November 4 Turkey Dinner. You can sign up at the September and October meetings, also. A waterfall and lake are among the various scenic attractions that enhance the outdoor experiences of scouts in this region. Come and share a "scouting experience" with us.

Leave at 9 AM from the Hempstead High main parking lot (3715 Pennsylvania Ave., Dubuque) or at Camp Klaus at 10 AM. We will try to find a nearby eatery to have a late lunch together.

Volunteers Welcome: White Pine Group/Sierra Club Exhibit

On Saturday September 16, for the Audubon Conference, we will put up a display of Mississippi River related information at Sinsinawa. The Midwest Office of the Sierra Club has provided some copies of the Club's Ecoregion Program. It features articles regarding the natural and human aspects of life on the Mississippi River Basin. A video, "America's River: The Mississippi," produced for Sierra Club Midwest will be available for preview. Information about the Sierra Club, in general, will also be available.

To help with this project in any way you can, please contact Nancy Nolley. Maybe you have some Mississippi River photos or information to share or could help with table set-up and supervision.

Iowa Sierran Features Our Group

The White Pine Group was one of the eight Iowa Chapter Groups to be featured in the Iowa Sierran newsletter. An article about the Group's history, happenings, and hopes was published in the Autumn 2000 issue. Take a look at the article and see where we have been, where we are, and what could be. How could you fit into the picture? What is the real strength of the Sierra Club? In what way can each of us help the Sierra Club in our area make a difference? How can we best utilize the reputation, clout, and expertise of the club to better protect what nature now has to offer so it may be explored and enjoyed by generations to come? Are you sharing, exploring, and enjoying as much as you could with like-minded citizens to help us focus some activism?

Sierra Club Groups are the basis of the grassroots strength of the Sierra Club. The White Pine Group would enjoy more active participation.

Group Bylaws Development

A new, revised Sierra Club Group Bylaws Development Handbook has been developed and all Sierra Club Groups have been encouraged to adopt bylaw revisions. These revisions would resequence bylaws for clarity, eliminate vestiges of sexist use of language, better define and strengthen ties between Club levels, elaborate on existing EXCOM powers and financial matters, expand upon the election process and timeline, and provide an enhanced template for meeting procedures and decision making.

The major change we are considering as an allowed variation for local circumstances is to reduce our number of Group EXCOM members from nine (9) to five (5). This may help us meet a bylaw requirement that there always be an election with at least two more candidates than openings available and to better assure having a quorum at EXCOM meetings. Ballot to be in the next newsletter.

Our original intent for 9 on the EXCOM was to have a broad base of decision-making and enough officially elected leaders to cover all committee and other available duties. Reality now encourages stepping back but with the incentive and flexibility to find non-EXCOM volunteers and appointees to provide more Group leadership.

Candidates for EXCOM Sought

Election 2000 opens up 4 EXCOM positions. Please consider offering to serve the grassroots Sierra Club cause as a leader of the White Pine Group. You may be able to provide ideas and enthusiasm to bolster Group activity.

If you do not feel that the EXCOM is for you, you can volunteer to serve in some other capacity. We would like to hear from you.

There will be a ballot in the Winter newsletter for both the EXCOM election and the bylaws revisions. A copy of the revised bylaws will be available at the next three program/meetings and at the Turkey Dinner. You are encouraged to review these. Learning how the the Sierra Club is supposed to operate may help you decide that this is an organization you would like to serve as a Group EXCOM leader!

Volunteers Welcome: Turkey Dinner Fundraiser

Our White Pine Group has never asked for the allotment of funds from the national Club that we are entitled, letting the Iowa Chapter keep it as a contribution to Chapter operations from our Group. Our only official sources of income have been proceeds from the Turkey Dinner and Sierra Club calendar sales.

Volunteers help make the Turkey Dinner an actual fundraiser. Volunteers provide a variety of items for the meal: cranberry salads, pies, cakes, etc. Volunteers roast the turkeys in their own ovens. Volunteers help with the table set-up the night before the dinner. Volunteers contribute door prizes and and centerpiece decorations. Volunteers help clear tables and wash dishes. Volunteers sweep the floor. Some who are unable to attend, volunteer dollars to help with expenses. Some volunteer to have a night out and attend the dinner getting to meet fellow Sierrans and other attendees including our Audubon Society, Mississippi Trails Hiking Club, and other conservation-minded friends. Sierra Society youth have volunteered to carve pumpkins or create dried plant bouquets for nursing home decorations. See the Turkey Dinner form to VOLUNTEER!!

Friends of the Upper Mississippi River Refuges

You can be a Friend of the Upper Mississippi River Refuges. An organizational meeting was held on August 22nd for the establishment of a new chapter of the Friends of the Upper Mississippi River Refuges. This tri-state chapter would be fostered through the support of the Mississippi River Discovery Center now in the planning stages. The Center will serve as an interpretive center for Region 3 of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 20 more members are needed to establish a Dubuque area Chapter.

A potluck meeting will be held at 6 PM on October 3rd at Eagle Point Park. You are encouraged to participate to help serve the goals of the organization:
  • Support the Multi-use concept
  • Inform the public about the benefits of the National Wildlife Refuges
  • Provide opportunities for volunteers
  • Locate funding for projects and activities to enhance the Refuges
  • Inform elected officials about refuge issues

Membership dollars will:
  • further public awareness along the river
  • provide educational environmental programs
  • expand opportunities for public use of the refuges
  • improve and create sites for the observation of birds and other wildlife
  • support the restoration and preservation of the wetlands and prairies
  • be used to help maintain and establish hiking and canoe trails
To conserve the natural and cultural resources of Upper Mississippi River, the Friends group will work with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service supporting a complex of national wildlife refuges.

Charlie Winterwood was chosen to be vice chair of the proposed Friends Chapter. Ed Cawley is the chair.See the membership form included with this newsletter.

Sierra Club Trips

Dick Worm, editor

One thing I have been impressed with while being a member of two Sierra Club Service Trips this past year is the variety of folks who participate. The Top of Texas trip last October included a number of unmarried young people who took vacation time to serve as trail work volunteers. One young lady was a medical student. I suppose, without family obligations, these folks could more easily justify such an outing.

One married couple on the Kanab Creek Wilderness Service Trip had grown up in the Dubuque area, one attending Senior High School, the other attending the Western Dubuque High School in Epworth. They had operated a dairy farm in Minnesota but decided that lifestyle was too stifling, sold their farm holdings, and now found time to enjoy their first wilderness adventure by doing trail work as Sierra Club volunteers.

This summer, I served as the assistant leader for a Club backpack trip in the South San Juan Wilderness in Colorado (right after the trip with the group from here). One member of that trip was a heart attack survivor. He and I walked together a lot at the back of the group during the first couple of days as we climbed over 3000 ft. from about 9000 ft. to over 12,000 ft. He took many short breaks to catch his breath and just pump up for the next section of the trail.

He wrote to me after the trip: "...the backpacking trip was a big deal. Getting back into shape; then going on the trip itself did prove to myself that yes I can still do it." He added, "Guess at times adults can act as adults and still have a good time like kids."

When leading youth on such trips during 25 previous years, I knew they were taking the time to go along. Now, with adults, I see them making the effort to participate. The driving force is just a little different.

For more information about such trips, I hope you were able to see my articles in the past two Iowa Sierrans. You gain much more respect for what we are trying to protect by actually getting out there and exploring and enjoying the natural wonders first hand. See you at our Programs?

Turkey Dinner Fundraiser

Saturday November 4, 2000
First Congregational Church, 10th and Locust
Downtown Dubuque

The public is welcome (reservation required)
Traditional Turkey Dinner

5:30 PM - social hour, apple cider, calendar sales, exhibits, Gateway Natural Foods video

6:15 PM - buffet-style traditional turkey dinner

7:00 PM - welcome, introductions, door prizes, pumpkin decorating and "bouquet" awards

7:30 PM - program: "End Commercial Logging on Public Lands", Sheila Bosworth, Sierra Club Priority Campaign Committee. This topic is one of four of the National Sierra Club priority campaigns for 2000. Shelia, a member of the Iowa Chapter's Eagle View Group, lives in Princeton, Iowa, and is served in Congress by Rep. Jim Leach, a sponsor of legislation to end public land commercial logging in national forests, national parks, wildlife refuges, and Bureau of Land Management holdings. A former member of the Sierra Club's national membership committee, Shelia now also serves the Club as chair of the Mississippi River Basin Ecoregion Task Force. Her presentation will include the Sierra Club video, "This Land Is Your Land", describing forestry issues and economics. She reports that a recently released study finds that more money can be made by letting forests stand instead of cutting them down. Sheila says, "Iowans visit national forests. Iowa's members of Congress vote on national forest issues. We have a stake in what happens to those forestlands."

8:30 PM - clean up, dish washing/drying, calendar sales. VOLUNTEERS WELCOME.

2000 White Pine Group Executive Committee

Chair: Charlie Winterwood ('01)
Vice Chair: Jim Fahrion ('01)
Turkey Dinner: Jane Worm ('01)
Treasurer: Mike Muir ('01)
Newsletter/Membership: Dick Worm ('00)
Conservation: Gretel Winterwood ('00)
Outings/Sierra Society: Steve Neyens ('00)
EXCOM: Kevin Kane ('01)
EXCOM: Dan Ernst ('00)

Iowater Monitoring

The White Pine Group is responsible for monitoring the water quality of a section of Catfish Creek in Dubuque. Charlie Winterwood has taken the training and has the equipment necessary to conduct these tests. Dick Worm, so far, is his only official assistant. Additional helpers would be welcome.

We will perform our first testing session on Tuesday or Wednesday, Sept 12 or 13. Testing takes about 2 hours. We have kept the time somewhat flexible to hopefully fit the schedule of other volunteers. If you could help at any time (morning, afternoon, or early evening) on either of those days, please contact Charlie. Additional hands would be very welcome!