Friday, September 1, 2000

Group Bylaws Development

A new, revised Sierra Club Group Bylaws Development Handbook has been developed and all Sierra Club Groups have been encouraged to adopt bylaw revisions. These revisions would resequence bylaws for clarity, eliminate vestiges of sexist use of language, better define and strengthen ties between Club levels, elaborate on existing EXCOM powers and financial matters, expand upon the election process and timeline, and provide an enhanced template for meeting procedures and decision making.

The major change we are considering as an allowed variation for local circumstances is to reduce our number of Group EXCOM members from nine (9) to five (5). This may help us meet a bylaw requirement that there always be an election with at least two more candidates than openings available and to better assure having a quorum at EXCOM meetings. Ballot to be in the next newsletter.

Our original intent for 9 on the EXCOM was to have a broad base of decision-making and enough officially elected leaders to cover all committee and other available duties. Reality now encourages stepping back but with the incentive and flexibility to find non-EXCOM volunteers and appointees to provide more Group leadership.

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