Friday, September 1, 2000

Volunteers Welcome: Turkey Dinner Fundraiser

Our White Pine Group has never asked for the allotment of funds from the national Club that we are entitled, letting the Iowa Chapter keep it as a contribution to Chapter operations from our Group. Our only official sources of income have been proceeds from the Turkey Dinner and Sierra Club calendar sales.

Volunteers help make the Turkey Dinner an actual fundraiser. Volunteers provide a variety of items for the meal: cranberry salads, pies, cakes, etc. Volunteers roast the turkeys in their own ovens. Volunteers help with the table set-up the night before the dinner. Volunteers contribute door prizes and and centerpiece decorations. Volunteers help clear tables and wash dishes. Volunteers sweep the floor. Some who are unable to attend, volunteer dollars to help with expenses. Some volunteer to have a night out and attend the dinner getting to meet fellow Sierrans and other attendees including our Audubon Society, Mississippi Trails Hiking Club, and other conservation-minded friends. Sierra Society youth have volunteered to carve pumpkins or create dried plant bouquets for nursing home decorations. See the Turkey Dinner form to VOLUNTEER!!

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