Thursday, December 7, 2000

Vote for Group EXCOM and Bylaws

Enclosed with this newsletter is a ballot for our members to use to select our EXCOM for 2001. The Sierra Club has revised the bylaws wording for all Groups allowing certain options to be selected within some sections so a ballot item is included for that vote, also.

Our Group's original bylaws were adopted on Feb. 25, 1981. Club mandated revisions now improve clarity, language, and definition of internal Club ties and elaborate on EXCOM powers, financial matters, and election processes.

The only MAJOR change we are making if the new bylaws options we propose are approved is to lower the number of folks on our EXCOM from 9 to 5.

Other change options we propose ALLOW 11 members to petition for special membership meetings, 11 members to be a quorum for such membership meetings, 10% of membership to petition for special elections, 14 days written notice for special Group membership meetings, EXCOM to fill vacancies in elected positions until the next election, a minimum of 3 EXCOM meetings per year, the chair or 3 ExCom members to call special meetings of the EXCOM, removal by the EXCOM of any EXCOM member missing three regularly scheduled meetings in one year, and 15 members to submit a nomination petition for an EXCOM election.

To receive a copy of the template of the bylaws used to select options and/or for a copy of the bylaws as proposed contact Dick Worm. A copy can be sent by e-mail or by regular mail.

The bylaw revisions may also be discussed at the Dec. 11 Group meeting. See the calendar of events.

See ballot for further election details.

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