Friday, March 9, 2001

George Reavis Memorial

Mae Reavis, in memory of her husband, George Reavis, has presented the White Pine Group with a $100 contribution. George and Mae attended and contributed to our Fundraising Dinners even though they were not Sierra Club members.

Their youngest daughter, Georgia, was a freshman student of mine when I took my first group of high schoolers on a summer Sierra Society backpack trip in 1973. She went on each trip for the next three years and talked her older sister, Ann, into going along on the fourth of those trips in 1976 to the rugged and awesome Glacier Peak Wilderness in Washington's Cascade Mountains.  I also had their son, David, in class at Washington Junior High before my backpacking years at Hempstead High.

George and Mae participated in a 1981 trip to the Canadian Rockies that I organized for adults and families. George helped me stay awake late one night by listening to my far-fetched tale on the origin of lightning as I drove our old school bus while trying to get back on schedule after a long day of power steering pump reattachment. He also enjoyed a spectacular hike to a high ridge between the Bonney and Illicilawat glaciers in Canada's Glacier National Park.

George enjoyed the "End Commercial Logging on Public Lands" program last November 4. He had the local library transfer from Madison, Wis., a book about the Tongass Nat. Forest mentioned at the program and Mae reports he read it all.

George was a talker with sound viewpoints on all matters. He passed away suddenly during the Christmas Holiday. The contribution will be used for a special project at Group discretion.

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