Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Other Event Opportunities

March 9-11: "Canoecopia" Madison, Wisconsin
Sierra Magazine and National Outings are sponsors this year. Hundreds of canoes and kayaks, more than 100 presentations; more than 150 outfitters & exhibitors. Check

March 17: "Bluebird Workshop"
Swiss Valley Nature Center, 10-12

March 21: "Mississippi; Tales of the Last River Rat."
Meet storyteller Kenny Salwey. Book signing. Award-winning documentary, Davenport, IMAX. 6:30 and 7:55 PM. Film admission free; donations to benefit Nahant Marsh will be accepted.

March 22: "Keep Iowa Beautiful"
Dubuque County affiliate, Swiss Valley Nature Center, 7 PM.
Fight litter as just one example of community betterment programs for area groups to initiate.

April 6: "Owl Prowl"
Swiss Valley Nature Center, 7 PM.

April 14: "Wildflower Walk"
Swiss Valley, 1-2:30

April 22. "Earth Day Hike"
Effigy Mounds. Hosted by Cedar Prairie Group, Iowa Sierra Club.
10 AM guided bird walk; 11 AM Woodland Wildflower hike (1.5 hour). Contacts: PamWolter, Rebecca Jimenez.

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