Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Parks Volunteer Opportunity: Butterfly Gardener

Dates of Opportunity Availability:
Opportunity start date: April 1, 2007.
Opportunity end date:  October 15, 2007.

Hours of Service Requested:
Length of hours served at one time and hours of day are flexible according to availability.

Volunteer assistance is requested for planting and caring of an individual plot in the butterfly garden.  Plants, seeds, and tools are provided.  Some maintenance of controlling invasive species in the garden plots is necessary.  Use of loping shears, hand pruners, and Tordon RTU may be used for removing tatarian honeysuckle and common buckthorn.  Also, garlic mustard may be pulled by hand.

There are 25 garden plots open for adoption.  Opportunity is suitable for kids through adults.  Volunteer will be trained in some plant identification.  Volunteer would be benefitted by having gardening experience but it is not required.  Volunteer needs to wear suitable clothing for particular tasks such as leather gloves and long pants.

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