Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Program/Meetings: White Pine Group

These 2007 White Pine Group Program/Meetings will be held in the large basement  meeting room at US Bank, Kennedy at Wacker, by Kennedy Mall on Dubuque's West End on the fourth Tuesday of each month; beginning at 7 PM. MARK YOUR CALENDARS. :)

March 27, Tuesday: PROGRAM, 7PM
Lois Norrgard
Upper Midwest Regional Director
Alaska Coalition

"Tongass National Forest, Alaska Coalition"
The Tongass is one of the last places in the United States where we can ask the question, "What is the value of wilderness?" and still have time to answer it.

The mist-shrouded forests and clear-flowing streams of the Tongass National Forest in southeast Alaska make up the largest remaining temperate rainforest in the world and cover an island landscape marked by narrow inlets and glacier carved fiords. It is an incomparable wonder of nature owned by all Americans. The giant old growth trees, many over thousands of years old, are home to many rare and endangered species such as bald eagles, grizzly bears, wolves, sitka black-tailed deer, marbled murrelet, goshawk, and all five species of salmon.

But this ancient rainforest is threatened by clear-cut logging--business as usual for the Forest Service. In 2005, according to Forest Service records, we lost $48 million in taxpayer paid subsidies on road building, irresponsibly damaging a national treasure that attracts hunters, fishermen, and tourists from around the world, $1 billion since 1982. Currently, the Tongass is the only forest nationwide where commercial logging is allowed in inventoried roadless areas.

Come learn about the history, the place and its values, and the ongoing battle to fully protect this awe-inspiring forest--the crown jewel of America's national forest system. There are many opportunities to take steps to help protect this national treasure.

The Alaska Coalition is a nationwide coalition of over 1000 conservation, sporting, business, labor and religious groups working together to protect Alaska's wild public lands.

Join the Alaska Coalition Network
ph/fx: 952-881-7282

April 24, Tuesday: 7PM
US Bank, Kennedy/Wacker
PROGRAM: "Ice Climbing" by White Pine Group members Bill Jamison and Keith Boever along with Karl Steichen. Dramatic photos of frozen waterfalls and of their ice climbing adventures at Pikes Peak State Park near McGregor, IA, and the climbing equipment used will be shown.

May 22, Tuesday: 7PM
US Bank, Kennedy/Wacker
PROGRAM: "Wilderness of Zanskar" by Joe Garrity. As his February 27 program, Joe introduced us to the culture and mountains of northern India. In this program, he will take us to the high and arid lands of Zanskar, the western part of northern India's Ladakh Province. Trek with him to the high Kanji La pass connecting the city of Leh to the city of Kargil near the politically turbulent border with Pakistan.

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