Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Winter 2006-2007 Outings Report

The Eden Valley Refuge Cabin Outing, December 15-16, didn't have any snow this year but the fire in the cabin's stove still felt good. The trails, swinging bridge, look-out tower, and high bluffs make this area quite varied and interesting. We even gave a cabin tour to a young couple and their two children who happened by and who now may rent that cabin themselves someday.

The Winter Solstice camping on the bluff at Nelson-Dewey State Park, December 22-23, was a bit windy and cold, but two geocaches were found there, a hike to a high bluff preserve just south of Cassville was new to us, but a three part geocache search at Wyalusing ended when the second one could not be found :( . Maybe next time.

The Backbone Cabin Outing, January 19-21, faced changes but a plumber arrived to repair the burst water pipe in Cabin #9 due to the previous weekend's occupants turning OFF the heat. Ooops! Only 13 enjoyed the timely snowfall and frozen lake surface. Iowa and it was found under the snow in a remote section of the park. One fellow even joined Dick on the crevice slide. YES!!

February 3 Whitewater Canyon trek was froze out but 18 braved it on February 10 to x-country ski to the creek and old cabin or explore the Valley of 13 Caves. Jamison's hot soup & cabin helped cure the chill.

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