Friday, December 10, 2010

EXCOM Election

The terms of three of our Group's EXCOM members expire at the end of this year: Charlie Winterwood, Dick Worm, and Bill Jamison. So, for 2011, an odd-numbered year, we are to elect three EXCOM members. Three members have graciously volunteered to have their names placed on the ballot. Vote for three and space is provided for write-in options. (Offer YOUR name for the ballot next year!)

The Sierra Club takes pride in being one of only a very few grassroots organizations holding member elections for its volunteer leadership by sending ballots to ALL of its membership for a particular Club entity.

Program and outing ideas are also welcome!! Jot some down as your ideas may help stimulate some new thinking and active participation.

An extra ballot is included for two-member residences. If we failed to catch that for you, let us know and we can provide the additional ballot.

No matter your level of participation, THANKS for being a valued member supporting "the cause."
  • Charlie Winterwood: Current and long-time Chair of the Group who handles most of the environmental action within the Group. Field Trip coordinator for the Audubon Society and bird identification expert.
  • Gary Thompson: Former EXCOM member willing to serve again. Active with Keep Dubuque County Clean and Green. Participates in most Group Outings and enjoys kayaking, bicycling, and travel.
  • Dick Worm: Current Newsletter and Membership Chair with interests in wilderness and service trip adventures. Willing to organize distant LOCO Folks & Sierra Outings. More of John Muir Trail in CA in 2011.
Mail the ballot and suggestions for Group activities and operations by January 15, 2011 to Jim Fahrion. Thanks--your support and participation is appreciated.

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