Friday, December 10, 2010

More Turkey Dinner Details

Prizes and Recipients included:

Roosevelt Middle School Pumpkin Carving Awards
Grossest: Tiger Torres "Dangling Eyeball"
Most Work: Kendra Diemst
Traditional: Pooja Patel
Honorable Mentions included pumpkins featuring an Iowa Tiger Hawk, the most feathers, the biggest mouth, and the best motor skills by the carver so the youth received a simple prize but also a barbecue set and beverage insulating coozies were selected.

Door prizes and recipients who selected that prize:
Rain coat: Cole Kass
Candy Jar: Kyrea Kass
Two River Museum passes: Jennifer Thompson
"Making a Difference" t-shirts: Jim Clancy and Bill Misko
Stocking cap and scarf: Ruth Clancy
Framed stained glass duck: Joan Higley
Cook and bake pan set: Karen Chesterman
Metal water bottle: Dave Weitz
Knit cap: Jan Zivognovich
Walking stick: Mary Jo Shearer
XC ski book: Mike Colson
Backpacking book: Larry Troester
Fleece blanket: Vanita Bries
Freeze-dried dessert for 4: Dan Ernst
Frisbee collection: Ellen Reisch
Sierra Club calendar: Sheila Schultz

The Roosevelt Middle School youth, parents, and teachers arrived at Dick and Jane Worm's Faraway Farm at 11:30 AM. A hike to climb up onto the Rock Column; and lunch on the river bluff were followed by a hike back along the bluff to a step descent to the outwash delta at the edge of the Mississippi River where the youth picked up trash left by high water. A barrel was left there for later extrication. A trail led the youth up along a gully back to the pond where pumpkin carving took place. Highlights during the hike included a spider tree; "tete de morts" rocks; a gigantic cottonwood tree, and acorn whistles.

The Fund Raising aspect of the Dinner included:
106 dinners served
$920 from meals and cash contributions
$139 from calendar sales
Income of $1059.
Expenses included $25 for use of the First Congregational Church social room and kitchen and $125 for food.
Net income = $909
After paying for the calendar order, the checking account balance on Nov. 6 was $85.36. Current balance is $994.36.

Program about Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal had only one glitch: click of wrong key took program back to beginning--for a quick review before the test!

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