Friday, December 10, 2010

Newsletter Mailing

The mailing label count for this newsletter is 329. 126 are Dubuque; 62 are Decorah. Oelwein has 10; Guttenberg has 8. Bellevue, Waukon, and West Union have 7. 6 go to Maquoketa and Crexco. Durango, Elkader, and Manchester each get 5. 4 go to Bernard, Peosta, Calmar, and Lansing. Dyersville, Sherrill, and Strawberry Point receive 3. 12 ZIP codes receive 2; 24 other ZIP codes get 1 apiece.

If you would care to get involved with contacting fellow Sierrans near you for carpooling or outing/event planning in your region, let an EXCOM member know and we'll help you make the contacts.

Cell phone calling makes member contact more convenient now, but our EXCOM has not made that a priority as we leave it up to our members to participate and contribute as they wish; but we do have a yearning to get to know more of our members and their conservation and environmental interests.

Add a note with your EXCOM election ballot. Let us know your Sierra motivations and activity interests. Our state & nation will face rough times ahead regaring conservation priorities so sharing our visions and common values will help encourage involvement with the fate of nature's offerings.

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