Friday, December 10, 2010

Turkey Dinner Fundraiser Report

The 2010 Fundraiser Dinner on November 6 was another successful event. We wish to thank all those who attended: particularly the 25 or so hikers from the Mississippi Trails Hiking Club (Thanks, Howard Higley), the 15 or so from Roosevelt School (Thanks, Stephanie Yager), and the 15 or so associated with the Larry Troester "Fan Club"! (Thanks, Larry!)

The meal this year included the addition of creamy mashed potatoes that were a hit. And, the cranberry recipes keep getting better and better! Many praises were heard regarding the quality of the meal. Some foods and their contributors included:

Turkeys: Jane Worm (3) and Charlie Winterwood
Cranberries: Terrie Lenger, Sheila Schultz, Margreet Ryan
Dressing: Kevin Kane
Mashed Potatoes: Alaine Jamison, Jane Worm, Butchie Thompson
Desserts: Mike Muir, Jim Fahrion, Ann Ernst, Barb Cooey, Sheila Schultz, Linda Schroeder, Becky Reisch, Butchie Thompson, and several anonymous donors!

[We'll surely miss others, now, also:]

Door and Pumpkin Carving Prizes were contributed by Jack Rolling, Margreet Ryan, Barb Cooey, Dick and Jane Worm.
Cash Contributions came from Carol and Lee McClenahan, J. Ryan, Dave Hansn, Dick Weber, and Anonymous. (In Kind: some Jane Worm foods.)
Friday set-up helpers included Charlie Winterwood and Buck Schultz.
Saturday's (Early Help) was Becky Reisch, who also was among the numerous kitchen helpers during the Dinner and who took over the "command post" for a while when Jane Worm cut her finger!
Take down and Van Loading helpers included Stephanie Yager, Gary and Butchie Thompson, and many more during that hubub. THANKS ALL!

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