Thursday, March 10, 2011

Earth Jam with the Banana Slug String Band!

White Pine Group/Sierra Club display

A free family event! The Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency, Keep Dubuque County Clean & Green, and E. B. Lyons Interpretive Center are sponsoring the 2011 Earth Jam featuring the entertaining and conservation oriented songs by the 2-person Banana Slug String Band.

The Earth Jam will begin at the Mines of Spain's E. B. Lyons Interpretive Center at 5:30 PM on Friday, April 15. Displays and children's activities will be from 5:30 PM to 6:45 PM. The Banana Slug String Band will perform at 7 PM.

The purpose of the Earth Jam is to educate, inspire, and have entire families participate in making responsible decisions for planet Earth. The event will educate the public through booths and hands-on children's activities. The Banana Slug String band will present environmental message through high energy songs and musical performances! Community environmental partners, including the White Pine Group of the Sierra Club, will provide the displays and activities.

I will check on some children's activities for April 15. I also have collected some recycled bags; from the Phillipines I have one made from newspaper (which was promoted through Sierra magazine) and one made from juice box wrappers which are folded. I have a purse from Uganda made from colorful rolled paper and a woven purse Bill brought from Tanzania. From a woman in Monticello, I have 2 purses and a rug made by crocheting yarn with strips of the traditional plastic trash bags. My students have made purses and shopping bags from juice wrappers and could make up a couple to give away as a required service project.

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