Monday, September 5, 2011

Editor's Notes

Dick Worm

An article in this newsletter describe a near "melt down" during Project AWARE. Since over $100 of White Pine Group funds were at stake, I felt the saga was worth presenting to our membership.

Cabins #9 and #10 have again been reserved at Backbone State Park for the Backbone Cabin Outing, January 27-29, 2012. Two double-bed bedrooms, 2 futons, a single bed and floor space can accommodate a suggested 11 folks in each cabin. Cost/adult is $30, 2 nights; $20, one night, and $4 each for 5 provided meals. Earliest reservations get accommodation priority. More in Winter newsletter, but reservations are welcome now.

Alaine Jamison e-mailed a listing of "Eleven easy ways to BUY AMERICAN in 2011." To be e-mailed a copy, you can contact me.

Sierra Club Calendars are sold at the Turkey Dinner but can be ordered anytime from me for a 10% member discount, given below; but even cheaper at the Dinner because our Treasurer doesn't like to mess with loose change.. "Engagement" with a different scenic photo for each month: $12.55 ($12 at the Dinner.) "Wall" with a monthly photo (November's Daniel Creek in Georgia is ESPECIALLY unique): $11.65 ($11 at the Dinner.)

An August Open House at Backbone State Park showcased a new interpretive plan for public programs, updated trails, and new signs. Maybe we can see the plan during the Cabin Outing.

The Mines of Spain is accepting donations for a 52-acre addition from the Bottoms Farm on the west side south of Catfish Creek. (Mines of Spain, 8991 Bellevue Heights, Dubuque, IA 52003.) $319,000 was the cost. Additions are also possible for Whitewater Canyon upstream and for White Pine Hollow westward into Delaware County. YES!


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