Monday, September 5, 2011

Program/Meetings (Autumn 2011)

September 27
October 25
November 22
Go ahead--mark your calendar and come on out!
Presenters put together programs to educate and entertain. Explore & Enjoy these unique places (before they all wash away.)

These 4th Tuesday Program/Meetings will now take place at a slightly new location: the former parsonage for St. Peter Lutheran Church, 3200 Asbury Road, Dubuque. The meeting room is on the lower level of the red brick home to the right as you enter the parking lot from Asbury Road. Go on down and around behind the red brick home to park. Contact Jim Fahrion for meeting location details. Meetings begin with the program at 7 PM. Attendees may leave before the usually brief EXCOM business meeting which usually begins by 8:15. No meeting in December.

September 27, 7 PM
Arkansas Ozarks and Blanchard Springs Caverns
Charlie Winterwood explored and enjoyed this part of northern Arkansas near the Buffalo River in late March 2011.

October 25, 7 PM
Vermont's Smuggler's Notch, Mt. Mansfield, Camel's Hump, Lake Champlain, and some covered bridges and waterfalls
In mid-June of 2011, Dick and Jane Worm explored and enjoyed a portion of northern Vermont, before Hurricane Irene. :-/ Two perfect days allowed Dick to hike from east to west over the top of Vermont's highest point, 4,393 foot Mt. Mansfield, and to hike a loop over the top of the 4,083 Camel's Hump. Both required a rocky climb of over 2000 feet and included a section of Vermont's state-length Long Trail. Ever dreamt of President Chester A. Arthur's birthplace?

November 22, 7 PM
Mount Sneffels and The Arrowhead
During a western loop from July 27 to August 17, Dick Worm managed to reach the top of another of Colorado's Fourteeners, the 14,150 foot Mount Sneffels near Ouray, CO. The drive to the trailhead in a little Ford Focus was about as exciting as the hike, going up in the dark and then actually SEEING that Forest Service "C" Road on the way back down.

"The Arrowhead" has been on Dick's bucket list since seeing it during five different backpack trips in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains. Dick was satisfied to get within about 50 feet of it from the side on its narrow ridge at 10,579 feet via the 6800 foot Hell Roaring Lake Trailhead, Hell Roaring Lake (7407 feet) and Clarice Lake (8200 feet). That Arrowhead ridge provided a spectacular view down to the far side's Cramer Lakes Basin. Rock climbers can somehow get on top of The Arrowhead as well as upon the nearby, more popular, Finger of Fate (on which two climbers unknowingly "posed" for photographs from Clarice Lake.) The three-night layover camp at Clarice Lake gave time for a look down upon still icy Profile Lake from another jagged ridge and a second day-hike climb to a string of four scenic, glacial lakes stair-stepping down from Sevy Peak. The crumbling, jagged ridges of the Sawtooths are yet another of nature's wonders well worth experiencing.

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