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Re: Letters to the Editor

March 16, 2011

To: Richard Worm - The White Pine Needle Editor
Bellevue, IA

Dear Dick:

This is in response to your editorial comment in the last White Pine Needle. I would appreciate it if you would publish it in the next newsletter.

Dick Worm in his editorial in the 2011 Spring/Summer White Pine Needle stated: "while abortion is not the best way to curb unwanted and unneeded births, responsible family planning and pregnancy preventions ARE." No. It is not a good, let alone the best way to kill unborn children. There is no"good" way. Also what is meant by the word "unneeded"? However it is defined the issue of "need" is not relevant to the issue of preserving or terminating human life.

Yes, I am pro-life and like a lot of pro-life people I am also concerned with children after they are born and also the natural environment. While I have not hiked through a lot of God's beautiful natural environment I have in my own small way tried to help preserve it. However, as important as I believe this is, I believe protecting both the born and pre-born is more important.

I have often observed the hypocrisy of those who weep at the sight of baby seals being slaughtered while human children are literally torn apart, sometimes even up to the time of birth. I submit that if pregnant women were given an ultrasound just prior to an abortion most would not go through with it. Humans are not just the top of the food chain. I believe they have an immortal soul and are more like God than a baby seal. If we are concerned with the condition of the natural environment then we should be consistent and be concerned with the state of all of creation, especially human beings.

David W. Leifker
Hazel Green, WI

Excerpted newspaper articles in response to the above

Parts of Texas abortion law struck down
Des Moines Register 08/31/2011-- Associated Press

Austin, Texas -- A federal judge on Tuesday struck down a key provision of Texas' new law requiring a doctor to perform a sonogram before an abortion, ruling that the measure violates the free speech rights of both doctors and patients.


Sparks rules such disclosure is an attempt by the state to "permanently brand women who choose to get an abortion."

America's Churches can Help Change the World.
With humanity's future at risk, religious leaders need to step up to the pulpit.
USA Today 03/14/2011 -- Oliver Thomas

Consider the issues that most threaten humanity's common future: global terrorism, climate change, overpopulation, and the political and social unrest caused by economic disparity. These problems transcend national boundaries and beg for international solutions. Yet political leaders have generally been unwilling or unable to find solutions.


Despite the biblical command to give 10% of our income back to God (read "to charity"), for example, the average church member gives 3%. We complain about the record heat as our air conditioners run full blast and continue having as many children as we want--sometimes at the encouragement of our religious leaders--despite the impact on the environment. Our elected officials even give us tax breaks for crowding the planet.

Newsletter Editor Dick Worm's response

While I could take issue with way too many of the comments made in that letter, as a contributing member of Planned Parenthood, Negative Population Growth, The Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth), and NARAL Pro-Choice America, I'd not be able to focus on where to begin. So, I will TRY to limit myself here to a few comments related to the one question the new member writer directly asked, "...what was meant by the word 'unneeded'?" in the sentence suggesting population control on a finite planet.

The Sierra Club's Global Population and Environment Program recognizes a need to protect and promote reproductive health and rights and to foster sustainable communities and a healthy planet. "With our planet approaching 7 billions people--a marker we're slated to reach this October--the time is now to bring population, voluntary family planning, education for women and girls, and other environmental and reproductive issues to the forefront." (Quoted from the "One Voice Summit & Population and Environment Fellowship Program: Sierra Club e-mail, Sept. 1, 2011. In includes a Link to the club's "2011 Mid-Year Population Report". I could forward the e-mail to anyone asking to receive it.)

A Sierra Club sticker reads, "Your Family: Plan It for the Planet." HOWEVER, if your PLAN is to pop out 19 children like the Duggar Family (Google "Duggars" for their irresponsible and environmentally immoral story) then your PLAN might not pass muster with the Sierra Club and all the other conservation organizations that recognize the threat of a truly "unneeded" additional billions consumers of natural resources on this planet.

Unemployment of 9% in the USA is small change compared to rates in many other nations. Crowds stand aimlessly along trashy streets in Kenya and Kathmandu, Nepal. NBC-TV reports 29,000 under age of five have died this year due to famine. Convince me those suffering existences were "needed"? Place a luxury tax on the number of children over a family's replacement number of two. ETC.

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  1. Good response. The problems caused by global human overpopulation merit more attention. This is definitely an environmental issue.