Monday, September 5, 2011

Spring/Summer Outing Reports

To "Explore and Enjoy" are significant aspects of an active Sierra Club membership. Our group offers outings to foster aesthetic explorations that serve as motivators urging us to also "Protect".

The March 13 Keough Indian Mounds Hike took participants back to the days when the Earth's human inhabitants lived much closer to their natural surroundings.

The natural, vivid beauty of slopes of wildflowers in Mississippi Palisades State Park were admired on April 30 by the 14 folks on that early springtime hike. To try to protect that environment, participants also pulled lots of invading garlic mustard along the trail.

30 folks signed in to help with our group's hosting of the American Rivers Catfish Creek Clean-Up in the Mimes of Spain on May 14. Trails and roadsides were included due to the turnout enhanced by college youth and Dubuque's Sustainability Challenge Game. 160 nickel deposit containers were cleaned and redeemed. 181 no-deposit containers were cleaned and recycled. 32 bags of trash, 10 tires, half of a TV set, a kitchen sink, and a huge wooden power line spool were other "collectibles". Appreciation goes to Wayne Buchholtz of the Mines of Spain for providing canoes and Dean Mattoon of city engineering for provision of a lunch delivered by Hy-Vee.

One report about the early June Volga River float trip said all went well with only gnats and one, name withheld, spill at the end causing minor consternation! Water level was good and Volga River SRA ranger was great help.

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