Monday, January 16, 2012

Autumn 2011 Outing Reports

To "Explore and Enjoy" are significant aspects of an active Sierra Club membership. Our Group offers outings to foster camaraderie and explorations serving as motivators for us to also "Protect."

The September 11 early evening hike to the Sinapee Cemetery Overlook did offer a great sunset view across the Mississippi. However, the later chigger bite count comparisons dramatically added even more to the event's memorability for those who were afflicted. :-/

The October 16 trip to Effigy Mounds was canceled due to no RSVPs, but was shifted to Swiss Valley Park for the few who arrived without an RSVP at the Dubuque meeting location. It is important to RSVP when an outing is far away from the home of an outing leader, but also for phoning in case a last minute change has to occur for any reason.

The November 19 hike at White Pine Hollow took 22 participants down and up some awesome slopes past a "rock garden" of huge blocks of cliff-face boulders to a remote waterfall setting in a sheer-walled gorge! Wow!

The December 2-3 trip to Minnesota's Forestville and Lake Louise State Parks was a solitary event for the leader and his granddaughter's "Flat Cassandra", but Forestville's Friday night sunset from Maple Ridge, starlit camping and campfire, and the Saturday morning visit of the historic town site and the Rock Slumps and Ravine Trails loop hike were very pleasant. PM wet snowfall limited the Lake Louise hike to the lake area and Howard Co. photo ops at Lidtke Mill and Hayden Prairie.

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