Monday, January 16, 2012

Turkey Dinner Fundraiser Report

At least 86 meals were served at the October 29 Turkey Dinner Fundraiser. Additional donations ranging up to $100 totaled $245. Calendar sales also contributed to the income. Total income by that night was $1150. Submitted expenses for food and church social room/kitchen rental came to $200. With the calendar bill paid and the $131.73 balance before the dinner, the treasury after the dinner was $915.85. Additional calendar sales and contributions have since then raised the current balance to $1027.85. Thanks to all who helped make the Fundraiser another success. You know who you are!

In kind contributions that WE KNOW of included: Cooked Turkeys by Jane Worm and Winterwoods; Desserts by Mike Muir, Ellen O'Connell, Ann Ernst, Howard Higley, Sheila Schultz, Ruth Scharnau, Becky Reisch, Butchie Thompson, Dave Hansen, and Clayton Pederson; Door Prizes by Dick and Jane Worm, Margreet Ryan, Barb Cooey, Jack Rolling; Dressing by Jane Worm using Leslie and Kevin Kane's recipe; Mashed Potatoes by Alaine Jamison and Jane Worm; Friday set-up by Dick and Jane Worm, Jim Fahrion, and the Wayne McDermott family; and Saturday early help by Becky Reisch. Kitchen and Clean-up help by several volunteers also smoothed out the operation. Wayne and Aaron McDermott even helped clear the Faraway Farm river access trail on Saturday following the Friday night camp-out, before the Mississippi Trails Hiking Club arrived. :)

Additional support came from Lee and Carol McClenahan, James Ryan, and Ron Myrom. A later calendar order from Mary and Fritz Kruger of Manchester came with this note: "Sorry we missed the Turkey Dinner. Hope it was a success! Here is our donation for this year--and if there are any calendars left, send us one. We'll try to get in on one of the outings in 2012! We enjoy the newsletter!" (Editor: Our White Pine Sierra Group EXCOM really appreciates member feedback.)

Door prize recipients: Kathy McDermott whose entry was 422 for the 425 black and orange M&M's in the full jar then awarded to her... along with black and orange balloons :) . Aaron McDermott selected a sleeved blanket for his Bird Quiz entry. Ruth Scharnau's # was drawn for the Sierra Calendar. Prize selections were: Mystique blanket, Berna Davis; Walking stick, Janette Ramson; Sierra game, Bart Blake; Walking stick, Tom Welu; "Listen to the Land" book, Betty Streets; Compass, Larry Troester; Thermos, G. Wiederholt; Cap, Joe Garrity; Coozie, Tom Streets; and Duffel bag, Jan Ellen Zweibohmer.

Again, a BIG THANKS to all the Dinner attendees and contributors! The "Our Iowa Home" program introduced by Bob Dunne made us all feel right at home with all the camaraderie that evening!

Sierra Calendar sales? YES, 2 Wall and 5 Engagement 2012 calendars do remain. Any request with any $ contribution will be honored as the supply lasts! Come to Backbone Cabin Outing and ask for any calendar still remaining then, free. :)

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