Thursday, March 22, 2012

Newsletter Mailings

Recently, the newsletter has been mailed to members whose membership expired during the previous few months, thinking that the non-renewal may have been an oversight and that the newsletter might be a means to nudge renewal. The Club is very efficient on promptly dropping names of expired members from the mailing labels it provides for newsletter usage once a year if membership has not been renewed. We understand that economics and varying viewpoints on matters regarding the impact of Earth's human civilizations vs. planet Earth's environment can also affect renewal decisions. It is disappointing to lose members and we can't help but wonder if any specific matter may have caused a non-renewal. Anyway, we hope you will understand our motivation if you should still happen to receive a newsletter after a deliberate non-renewal.

Another mailing issue relates to newsletters returned due to "Temporarily Away" notices. We mail the newsletters as a reduced bulk mailing rate which does not accommodate forwarding to a winter or other temporary address. The return is marked, now, with 45 cents due. To re-mail it First Class would be another 45 cents. So, a 26 cent mailing could rise to $1.16. We may opt to do that for some more active members we know, but usually the returned newsletters get lost in the shuffle. So, we also hope that members who are "temporarily away" will not be offended if a newsletter is not received.

Currently, parts of the newsletter produced as Word documents can be e-mailed. Other physically cut-and-paste parts are not kept in a Word document format. Plus, we do not have e-mail addresses for all members--usually just for new members who have given it on their membership enrollment form. Send us an e-mail address and Needle items can be e-mailed.

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