Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dick Weber Memorial

R.J. "Dick" Weber, who passed away peacefully on February 22, 2012, was an easy going, affable supporter of our White Pine Group attending several outings and Turkey Dinner Fundraisers over the years. Our first "record" of his active participation was his signing in at a Swiss Valley Service Trip on October 19, 2002. Dick had fond feelings toward Swiss Valley because it was under a Sycamore tree near the entrance to the picnic grounds off Swiss Valley Road that he proposed to Kathleen.

In memory of Dick, our White Pine Group EXCOM made a donation of $50 toward the $100 needed to purchase a picnic table memorial to help replace all the tables lost during the late July flood last year. Another donor completed the other $50 to assure proper White Pine Group memorial designation for Dick. Kathleen reported that at least two other tables were donated in Dick's behalf, and one by her family is to be placed near the Sycamore tree where their engagement took place. :)

A note received from Gerda Preston Hartman for the Friends of the Dubuque County Conservation Board dated March 7, 2012, reads: "To the White Pine Sierra Group we want to say thank you for the $50 donation in Dick Weber's memorial. We will put his name on a table in his honor. We were busy building our first 48 tables last weekend and will build another 48 soon thanks to all the donations we have been receiving." Signed: "Your friends in recreation."

A personal note from Kathleen, Steve, and Jay Weber reads, "Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity. I love the donation of a picnic table! (and so would Dick.)" Indeed he would.

Watch for the next picnic table building session and join in as an active memorial on Dick's behalf.

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